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look at the FTCua, 2000.  Radon:  Indoor and Remote Measurement Of.  Chapter on Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry, John Wiley and Sons, United Kingdom.

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Elemental Analysis in Teeth and Bones

For the reprints on the work done from 1983-1991 at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
in the Radiation Science Program, Environmental Science Department, Nuclear Physics Department, Chemistry Department, Computer Center and Statistics, 20 Cystic Fibrosis Programs in 20 US Medical Centers, New York University Dental Center c/o Calcium Phosphate Program, and Tooth Fairy Program in Central NJ and elsewhere in the USA, 

check with

Grant Proposals

My 3rd book has a grant proposal that is vintage 1994 on pursuing Microdistribution and Macrodistribution of Radionuclides in Teeth and Bones.  The title of the third book is
Po, Pb, Ra, Pu, Cm, U, Th, Am, Cf, Mo, and Tc Radionuclides in Teeth and Bones.

I had written many grant proposals on other topics.  We have a funded grant right now in Dosimetrics on 3 Dimensional Gel Imaging.

The equations I was talking about in the next posting is found in the book above which has gone to IAEA and other institutions.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Fission Track Counts and Activity Concentration circa 1980

I did fission track autoradiography of Marshall Islands teeth with Lexan Polycarbonate in Jan. 1979-May 1980. Kinda old data.

The thermal fission tracks due to Pu-239 and U-235 were not the only fission tracks which showed in the Lexan Polycarbonate. There were fast fissions from U-238, U-234, Th-232, Th-230 and others. The ubiquitous uranium star aggregates were all over the Lexan Polycarbonate. Now whether artifacts or carbon recoil from the Lexan Polycarbonate, I saw plenty after irradiating the Marshall Islands teeth embedded in polymethyl methacrylate and microtomed or microsawed. I have all these preliminary data in my main book more or less in archive now.

F.T. Cua, 1994. Po, Pb, Ra, Pu, Cm, U, Th, Am, Cf, Mo, and Tc Radionuclides in Teeth and Bone. Then Public Information Officer of International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA) David Kyd thanked me twice for this book. I also sent Sr-90 from Worldwide Fallout in Teeth and Bones and Element Concentrations in Teeth.

Philippine Nuclear Research Institute(PNRI) has copies.

What I developed was the equations relating fission tracks counts with activity concentrations for the different uranics and transuranics as a function of the different parameters of fission cross section to different energy neutrons or probability of interaction of the fissionable materials, neutron flux, activity concentration, specific activity, molecular weight, and efficiency--see the equations of the RATIOS to obviate all the other parameters. For more, read the book mentioned above for like particle size determination of fission tracks patterns, also for star aggregates, and alpha particles patterns, etc.

The equations and studies by others after my work will be in

also see

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