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Nanotechnology and Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy-NREL

Nanotechnology and Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

who wants to do this literature review with me? who has hands-on experiences? application in the Philippines and the USA...

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Jobs at the National Renewable Energy Lab and make sure the foreign nationals look at the For Foreign Nationals Section...

PAASE University Online Education

Have you realized that the 1976-2007 can be considered Online and Offline Education already? Call it unofficial, some universities and colleges non accredited by the US, however PAASE is our own, not the White or Black or Hispanic or other Asian-Pacific Americans, Eskimos or Alaskans or Aleutians or the proverbial Jews.

please update

I have been guest of the Korean Academy of Science with Ed Christman, also have helped the Association for Women in Science, National, NJ Chapter(FTCua was co-founder), Central Jersey Chapter, International, also the Third World Organization for Women in Science(TWOWS), National Health Physics Society, NJ, NY chapters too, International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA) to the Marshall Islands, now Republic, and the People's Republlic of China where Christman, Cua Associates were the first Ambassador of GoodWill. We have hosted scientists from many countries and Dr. Christman and I taught many foreign nationals and were colleagues of many. Dr. Paul Ziemer, my professor at Purdue U, was the former Assistant of Environmental Health and Safety during the first Bush administration. I have worked with more than Brookhaven National Lab. My first MS thesis was on Radiation Measurement Techniques at 5 High Energy Accelerator Lab-BNL AGS, ANL ZGS, Fermi PS, CERN PS, and LBL Bevalac. My BNL Marshall Islands Radiological Program got me working with BNL, LLL, LASL or LANL, BPNWL, ORNL. I collaborated with 20 cystic fibrosis programs in the USA including Dr. Lourdes Laraya Cuasay UST former student of my aunt and uncle, Dra. Felicidad Cua Lim and Dr. Manuel Lim. I also worked on sickle cell anemia with the blacks and one black girl who was being prep for medical school, Tay Sachs.

The Republic of the Marshall Islands became a Republic and not a protectorate because it needed that to survive. The Filipinos and Filipinas that worked for the RMI should get compensated like the Marshallese who are paid in dollars and by the Nuclear Claims Tribunal when sick. RMI was recognized by then Permanent Representative Raul Manglapus in the administration of then President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino in 1986. It became an IAEA member in 1994.

PROC became IAEA member in Jan. 1, 1984. Christman, Cua Associates were consultants in August 1984, the first in a series of Ambassador of Good Will. The fiasco of Wen Ho Lee, a Taiwanese who spied for the PROC on miniature nuclear weapons caused the Clinton Administration that involved then DOE Secretary Bill Richardson because he was incarcerated in solitary confinement for 9 months. I hope Senator Hillary Clinton's bid for the presidency will not suffer on account of this. A very difficult case indeed.

My work as research collaborator in 1979-1980 led to a third book Po, Pb, Ra, Pu, Cm, U, Th, Cf, Mo, and Tc Radionuclides in Teeth and Bones hailed by IAEA Public Information Service then Director David Kyd and also the New Elements.

My topic for the PASE 2008 is PAASE Onlilne Education.

I started a detailed biography or biodata of the PAASE members till 2000 and showed it to then Philippine Embassy to the USA Lourdes Yparaguirre, economic, cultural and political attache when she gave the keynote on Science and Technology in the Philippines. It has to be updated.

I compiled my edited 1991, 1993 to 2007 and brought it to Alvin Culaba's secretariat last year to be discussed whether they should be converted to CDs-DVDs and my copy of my contribution to the meetings in 1991-2007 sans 1992, 1993, and 1994 are with College of the Holy Spirit, Research Section, c/o Evelyn Flordelis, PhD candidate at Centro Escolar. 1992 did not have records with me.

My 6 books are with Dr. Vicky Guerrero Abellera. My publications are chronicled in and of course

Well, who has anything to add?

We can place it in

with proper credits or

your own google blogs or


logical isn't it?

Who wants to take on the accreditation issues? diplomas? grades? course curriculum?

Is there a necessity for technical Pilipino like technical Mandarin, traditional or modern or pinyin ?

check out my chinese characters in

The Academia Sinica, Taiwan, ROC and PROC have fielded scientists to me since 1984.

I actually helped the students from PROC during the Tian An Men massacre of the democracy protesters during Li Peng's presidency because I was faculty's wife like Dr. Edward Bloustein's medical doctor wife. Their parents were afraid to send money like usual because they might be tracked and incarcerated.

"Woman's Rights is Human Rights", quote from Presidential Aspirant Senator Hillary Clinton at the Beijing Conference for Women's Rights.

to be continued or itutuloy

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